Court of Concordia

Greetings from Concordia,

Once again God has blessed Concordia Lutheran School and our families throughout this school year. The students have been learning in the classroom since August, with one week of remote learning after the Christmas break. Students, families, and staff have been careful to follow the three w’s: wash your hands, wear a mask, and watch proper distancing. Thank you for your prayers for our safety during this unusual year. We have included some pictures of our students to give you an idea of Concordia in action.

Thanks to the generosity of your donations to last year’s Court of Concordia appeal we were able to contract with Lutheran Special Education Ministries for a Resource Room teacher who has added valuable assistance to some of our students. This extra help has been a great benefit to our ministry. Sincere thank you for your gifts. This year we hope to use Court of Concordia gifts to improve our technology curriculum. One of the teachers has begun to teach coding, and we need some additional equipment and materials for that. We also want to purchase some Chromebooks so the students have individual devices to work with in this curriculum expansion.

As we look to the summer and planning for next year, we are once again asking for financial support. Through the years Concordia has been funded by student tuition, support from partner congregations, fundraisers, and this annual appeal. This year we were not able to host our usual auction, a major fundraiser, due to pandemic restrictions. However, we sent letters to our auction partners and were blessed with many donations to our “Un-Auction.” This has helped our operating costs a great deal by keeping us current with payroll and other necessities.

Now it is time for the annual Court of Concordia appeal. Your gift will truly help a student learn the necessary academic skills while building a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Tuition for the year is $4900, and incidental fees paid at registration are $500. Perhaps you can donate enough for a month or two of tuition; perhaps you can cover the cost of one student’s tuition for an entire year; perhaps you are struggling financially and are wondering if you can donate anything.

I encourage you to pray about your decision. Any size donation will be appreciated and will be spent carefully. Fully 100% of your donation will be used for school expenses. We received contributions to cover all expenses for this campaign, so your donation goes directly to benefit our students.

If you know other friends and relatives who might help Concordia, encourage them to donate by sharing this letter. Perhaps you know former students who have moved away and still have fond memories of Concordia. We would certainly appreciate it if you would share our request with them.

Our school mascot is a knight, and our school Scripture is from Ephesians 6, beginning with the words “Put on the armor of God…” We daily remember to “Armor Up” against the devil as we live in Christ. Thank you for your prayers as well as your financial support for this ministry. All donors will be recognized by name on our Court of Concordia Chronicles, published in the weekly school newsletter, Knightly Knews, and in the bulletins of the supporting congregations.

We pray that the Lord will move you to support the Court of Concordia campaign. Complete the enclosed form and return it with your donation or monthly pledge amount to help Concordia Lutheran School continue to be a blessing in the lives of our students and their families. If you would rather donate online, click here.

God’s richest blessings to you and your family.

Patricia Schultz, Principal
Concordia Lutheran School

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