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Partners in Education

Concordia Lutheran School participates with agencies and organizations that provide support through many ways. Our connections with the Superintendent of Lutheran Schools through the Michigan District of the LCMS as well as our membership in the Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools provide leadership and knowledge in many areas.

The shared time classes and special services from the public school districts and Lutheran Special Education add enrichment for students we would not be able to provide. And the parents’ group, Parents in Excellence, lead many extra activities for Concordia families.

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod-Michigan District

Michigan Association of Nonpublic Schools (MANS)

Shared Time –Livonia Public Schools

Special Services –Lutheran Special Education Ministry

Special Services – Clarenceville Schools

Western Lutheran Athletic League

Partners in Excellence (P.I.E):

a parent and school staff organization

Safety Drill Log

Recognizing the importance of preparedness, we maintain a rigorous schedule of safety drills as required by Michigan State Law under MCL 29.19 of Act 207. Our Safety Drill Log is a transparent record of our adherence to these mandates, ensuring that every member of our community is trained to respond effectively in various emergency situations.

Fire Drills

Concordia Lutheran School conducts a minimum of five fire evacuation drills throughout the academic year. These drills are designed to prepare students and staff for an orderly and efficient evacuation in case of a fire. Three of these drills are completed before December 1, with the remaining two spread throughout the school year.

Safety/Security Drills

The school holds three safety/security drills annually, including lockdowns or shelter-in-place exercises, with at least one conducted before December 1 and one after January 1. These drills incorporate security measures to respond to emergencies like hazardous material releases or the presence of a potentially dangerous individual on or near the premises.

Tornado Drills

In addition to fire and security preparedness, Concordia Lutheran School carries out two tornado drills each year, with at least one drill in March. These drills are crucial for teaching students and staff how to seek shelter quickly and safely during a tornado, ensuring that our community is prepared for such natural disasters.

View Concordia Safety Drill Schedule

Stay informed about our safety procedures and contribute to our culture of preparedness by keeping up with our Safety Drill Log. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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