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Court of Concordia 2023

Easter Greetings from Concordia Lutheran School,

The students at the Elementary Campus had a guest preacher for chapel the week before Holy Week, and his message focused on Palm Sunday. As he told the story of Jesus’ arrival to Jerusalem, he explained that the expression “Hosanna” literally means “Save us! Save us now!” The people recognized Jesus as the Messiah and were honoring Him even as they asked Him to help them.

It is a joy to be able to tell our students the rest of the story. Jesus completed his assignment to save us: his death and resurrection guaranteed our salvation. We celebrate that with Christians everywhere this Easter season.

It is also a joy to thank you for your continuing support of Concordia Lutheran School. Your prayers and financial gifts have helped us in our ministry to students and their families.

This year, that financial support has enabled our fifth and sixth grade teacher to attend a monthly technology workshop. This broadened the use of computers in the Middle School across the curriculum. In addition the financial support provided through this Court of Concordia annual drive has been used to increase teachers’ salaries, provide current materials and technology, add to the library at each campus, and allow the students to have special activities to enrich and broaden their school experience.

Because I know how you have blessed us through the years, I am bold to ask for your support again this year. The support from donors like you at the end of this academic year helps us to plan for next year. As we plan for that fifteenth year we want to add promethean boards to three classrooms, as well as improve some internet bandwidth and accessibility. The regular cost for providing a Christian education continue to rise, and with your help we will be able to meet those costs and add our “wish list” items.

An anonymous donor has offered to match the first $30,000 we receive in this Court of Concordia campaign. What a challenge! Your gift will help us reach that goal.

Please consider making a gift to Concordia in support of our mission to make disciples of our students while teaching them the knowledge and skills they need for success in this life. I encourage you to pray about your decision. Fully 100% of your donation will be used for the students and staff at Concordia. Other people have provided for the cost of this campaign. Please complete the enclosed form and return it with your donation or monthly pledge amount in the return envelope provided. If you would like to donate online, you will find a “Donate” button on our website, .

If you know friends or relatives who might want to support Christian education, please share this list with them. Perhaps you know former students who have good memories of Hosanna Tabor school, St. Paul’s school, or Concordia. Please share this letter with them, and also provide contact information for us.

Our school mascot is the Knight. We base that on Ephesians 6: “put on the full armor of God.” We have a call and response that we use at Concordia: Who are we? We are the Knights. What do we do? We stand against the devil. How do we do it? We armor up!

Thank you for your prayers and your financial gifts to help our students continue to armor up every day.

Patricia Schultz, Principal
Concordia Lutheran School

Make a Donation

Your generous donations help make our mission possible.

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