Information and Procedures Updates (2020-2021)

All students and staff will wear masks. Cloth reusable masks or disposable masks will be permitted, as will gaiter masks or buffs. Cloth masks should be made of at least two layers of 100% quilters’ cotton (like broadcloth), and gaiter masks made of at least two layers of fabric that is 95% cotton and 5% lycra or spandex for the best protection. Reusable masks should be washed after every wearing.

Every student will bring an extra mask to school in a plastic zipped bag. This will be kept at school to be worn in case of need. If worn, the dirty mask will be placed in the plastic bag and the bag will be labeled “dirty” and sent home to be washed and returned back to school.

Masks will be worn by all in the hallways and common areas. Students in grades kindergarten through four will be allowed to remove their masks for certain classes provided they are seated in their desks at proper distancing and the teacher is at the front of the room.

Classroom desks will be arranged facing the front at a proper distance from each other. Elementary School campus desks will be sanitized at least once during the day, and more if the students are performing a messy task. Classroom desks at the Middle School campus will be sanitized between the changing of each cohort. (A cohort is a group of students who remain together for the entire day. In our case, students in one classroom.)

Daily cleaning after students are gone from the building will also include sanitizing.

Parents will not be allowed in the building during school hours. Students will be dropped off at the proper door and will be greeted by a teacher at the door. Parents may enter the main door of the school to go into the office if necessary, but they will not be allowed to go into the student area.

Kindergarteners and first and second graders will enter and leave at the far west door of the building. Third and fourth graders will enter and leave at the Extended Care door, the west door facing 8 Mile. Fifth through eighth graders will enter and leave at the far west door of their building. These are the doors that students are familiar with, so the process will be relatively easy.

Parents are required to complete a brief questionnaire about their student(s) health and symptoms each morning. There will be an app for cell phone or tablet that will make it quick and simple, or parents can use a paper form to be given to the teacher. Information about the app will be available at registration. Temperature checks for all students will be performed at the door as they enter.

Students will bring lunch and snacks from home. There will be no sharing or trading items from snacks or lunch. Birthday treats and other celebration food items will be allowed with some restrictions. They may be brought and shared provided they are individually wrapped and commercially prepared. The student will bring them in to the teacher in the morning.

There will be no assemblies or field trips for now. If the community moves to Phase 5 they might be considered. The school will still have chapel on Wednesdays as before: Middle School campus in the morning and Elementary School campus in the afternoon. Chapel will be held in the church with proper distancing as determined by each congregation. There will be no joint chapel services at this time.

Decisions about quarantining students or staff will be made according to the directions of the Wayne County and Oakland County Departments of Health. Those complete procedures are explained in the Plan for Reopening.

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