In Rememberance…

We Remember Mrs. Ellen Mills

…a much loved and honored kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Mills taught kindergarten at Hosanna Tabor Lutheran School and continued in kindergarten at Concordia after the merger. She loved children and they loved her back. Many of our current students remember being in her class with joy. Here are just a few of their comments:

~ I remember how every time I saw her I talked to her for like 20 minutes.

~ We would always sing fun songs I still know.

~ I will always remember her as a happy and great teacher.

~ We sang the bumblebee song.

~ My favorite memory with Mrs. Mills is making cupcake liner flowers.

~ We would always sit on the rug that was a map of the world and she would read to us.

~ She invited parents to read to us!  It was the best!

~ We went to the circus and did tricks and a show.

~ Mrs. Mills made a quilt for the auction with crayons.  It was awesome.

~ We went to the apple orchard.

Mrs. Mills also liked to sew and to quilt. She made many quilts for the auctions using her students’ handprints, silhouettes, names, and ideas. She also made the signs identifying the classrooms at both campuses using the Concordia school colors. Where most teachers had paper or plastic weather signs and numbers for the bulletin board, Mrs. Mills had quilted ones. Kindergarten was special.

Kindergarteners like to sing, and the best thing about singing with Mrs. Mills was that she taught the students to sign the songs, too. So even today, if her former students sing a familiar song like “Jesus Loves Me” they automatically sign the song, too.

In everything that she did, whether in the classroom, in the congregation, with her family, or in the community, Mrs. Mills demonstrated how a Christian lives a life of faith. We will miss her as we celebrate her life on earth and now her life in heaven.

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