School Dress Code

All students will be in appropriate dress code at all times while attending school at Concordia Lutheran School.

If the student‘s dress or appearance is deemed inappropriate by either the principal or a staff member, the family will be called to provide a change of clothing before the child is allowed to return to the classroom. Concordia Lutheran School reserves the right to counsel, reprimand, suspend, and even dismiss a student if the student does not cooperate or comply with the school’s standards.

Kindergarten Dress Code

These guidelines should be followed:

Children should be dressed in comfortable play clothes. Remember children will be painting, gluing, crawling, and climbing.
Children must appear neat, clean, and dressed in a Christian manner.
Shorts may be worn from the first day of school until October 31 and from April 15 until the last day of school. Sandals are not to be worn at any time.
Boots must be worn during muddy or snowy weather. Boots are not allowed inside the classroom; therefore, shoes must be brought to school for the students to wear in class.
Please mark all outer garments with your child’s name. Jackets, boots, and mittens are difficult to identify when so many are the same or similar.

Grades 1-8 Dress Code

These guidelines should be followed: (changes are in bold)

Tops must have a collar. They may be pullover style with collar (polo or golf shirt), dress shirt that buttons down the front, or turtleneck. Tops are to have no writing with the exception of a small manufacturer’s logo.
Sweaters, cardigans, Spirit Wear, or solid color sweatshirts may be worn with proper school attire underneath.
Pants, shorts, skorts, capris, dresses and jumpers are to be in solid colors of tan, navy, black, brown, gray, or hunter green only, and must be proper fitting. Denim may be worn that stay up at the waist, do not drag on the ground and do not have holes.
Skirts, shorts, skorts and jumpers may be no shorter than 3” above the knee when the student kneels on the floor. Shorts and capris may be worn from the first day of school until October 31 and from April 15 until the last day of school. From November 1st–April 15th girls must wear tights under skorts, skirts, and jumpers.
Comfortable shoes with closed toes and closed heels shall be worn with socks, laces tied, and buckles buckled, etc. All students are required to keep a pair of tennis shoes in their locker for gym. Boots are to be worn for outdoor activities only.
Hair should be neat and clean, cut above the collar (boys) and cut above the eyebrow or pulled back from the face.
All students should have tennis shoes for gym class. Fifth through eighth graders should have a t-shirt and gym shorts that are in good taste, proper fitting, and clean.

These items are not allowed:

No spandex or tight fabrics.
No T-shirts except Spirit Wear. Sweat suits are not allowed.
No sleeveless shirts, dresses, tank tops, halter tops or midriff shirts.
No clothing that is torn, worn, frayed, “holed,” tight, undersized, oversized, revealing or sloppy.
No earrings are to be worn by boys; No body art or piercing.
No designs, logos or sayings cut into hair.
No facial hair on boys.
No fad or alternative items, including wheeled shoes such as Heeleys.
No slippers, moccasins, or high heeled shoes.

Spirit Wear is defined as official Concordia Lutheran School T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Drop-Off/Pick Up

Drop-Off/Pick Up Procedures

7:00-7:59 AM

Students enter Extended Care door. You may drop children off at the Orangelawn entrance on the north side of the building prior to 7:59 AM.

After 8:20 AM

After school begins, students will enter the far west door near the kindergarten. Ring the bell and a teacher will open the door.

3:25-3:35 PM

Students will be dismissed at 3:25 and will exit by the far west doors. Parents stop your car, open the door for your child, and leave the lane when your child is in the car and seat belts are fastened.

Students who have not been picked up by 3:35 will be taken to Extended Care.

Please note: Sign-in time for all students who go to Extended Care will be 3:30 for the sake of billing uniformity (whether they go directly there at 3:25 or wait in car line until 3:35).

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